Pursuant to the “Shelter In Place” mandate in effect for California and to keep everyone safe, J9’s K9s is now bringing our Group Classes and Private Lessons to you and your dogs virtually via live, online Zoom rooms! There are a number of benefits to virtual learning with your canine friends – click here for more information!

Plus, we’ll soon be offering bonus “mini classes” and other cool stuff you can do with your dogs at home, so you’ll never run out of useful things to teach and fun activities to enjoy with your best friends!

We’re all in this together and in this time of crisis, we are here for you and your families. We’re in the process of contacting all students currently in training as well as those who have enrolled in upcoming classes and events to update them about this exciting new way of training. Please feel free to call us anytime at 818-832-9906 to talk about your dogs, or if you’d just like to chat with someone…


The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports, “Infectious disease experts and multiple international and domestic human and animal health organizations agree there is no evidence at this point to indicate that pets become ill with COVID-19 or that they spread it to other animals, including people. If you are not ill with COVID-19, you can interact with your pet as you normally would, including walking, feeding, and playing. You should continue to practice good hygiene during those interactions (e.g., wash hands before and after interacting with your pet; ensure your pet is kept well-groomed; regularly clean your pet’s food and water bowls, bedding material, and toys).” Click here for more information.

Until more is known about this disease they also recommend that out of an abundance of caution, people who are infected with COVID-19 restrict contact with their animals to avoid contaminating their skin and/or fur, thereby limiting the possibility of transferring the virus to others who may come in contact with their pets.


Thank you for your understanding and patience – please stay home and healthy with your dogs.