• Prerequisite: None!

This six-week course is open to all dogs over 16 weeks of age. Using positive reinforcement and fun games, students improve their relationships with their dogs and strengthen the dog’s ability to focus and obey around distractions. You’ll learn and practice basic obedience cues with your dog like “sit”, “down”, staying in both positions, coming when called, no jumping (“Off”), walking on a loose leash, “Leave it” and more! Basic learning theory is covered, too; we’ll teach you how to recognize what your dog is thinking and feeling so you can improve your communication. The the first session of the six included in your course will be held with the humans only. You’ll become familiar with the classroom and how to handle your dog when you bring him with you to your remaining class sessions. You’ll also practice a few simple exercises to teach your dog at home before your second session. This class is where all dogs over 5 months old start their J9’s K9s experience. If your dog has already had some basic training, your instructor will be happy to give you more difficult versions of the exercises. As with all J9’s K9s services, enrollment in a J9’s K9s Beginner Obedience Class includes UNLIMITED future support from your instructor for the life of your dog!