We are highly committed to keeping our classrooms as safe as possible for everyone. Now that in-person Group Classes are back at J9’s K9s, here are the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of our clients and staff:

  • All students and staff will be required to wear masks at all times when they’re in our training locations. Their masks must be in place before they enter the building.

  • We will be practicing strict social distancing. All J9’s K9s staff members will stay a minimum of 6 feet away from the humans in our classes. We’re currently limiting the number of dogs allowed in classes and only two people will be permitted to attend with each dog to allow for at least 6 feet in between their work stations – there will be clear markers in place to make sure everyone stays within their designated areas. In our Canoga Park Facility only one dog/human team at a time will be permitted on the stairs, and we’ll be taking the temperatures of all humans with a contactless thermometer as they enter the classroom.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrances to our classrooms and all humans will be required to use it before entering the training area (or they can bring their own). We will take the temperature of everyone who is entering our facilities with a contactless thermometer and all chairs, the bathroom and all high-touch surfaces in our classrooms will be disinfected in between each class.

  • Since we won’t be able to re-use items people have touched like we have in the past, those of you who have attended J9’s K9s classes before will notice other changes – students will be responsible for bringing more of their own supplies.

Any person who is unwilling to comply with the above safety protocols will be asked to leave the class until they are willing to do so, and no credits or refunds will be given in these cases – no exceptions. Please feel free to call us at 818-832-9906 if you have any questions about our policies.

Contingency Plan:

  • Any student who learns that they have been exposed to COVID-19 must notify us immediately, and neither they nor their dog will be permitted to return to in-person class sessions for a minimum of 14 days from the time of exposure. They will be able to attend virtually and get feedback from their instructor in live, online Zoom room portals to their class sessions, as well as receive additional support via phone and/or email for class sessions they are not able to attend in person.

  • If any student or staff member who has been attending a class tests positive for COVID-19,  the class will transfer to live, interactive, online Zoom rooms for a minimum of 14 days, possibly longer.

  • If the Los Angeles 7 day average for COVID-19 positive test results rises to above 10%, Group Class sessions will switch to our live, interactive Zoom portals until it drops to 10% again. This may fluctuate back and forth as you attend your class. If this happens, no refunds or credits will be offered for class sessions held virtually. You can see the daily report and statistics from the county by clicking here. While we have many safety protocols in place, we feel it would be irresponsible to have multiple people from different households inside our classrooms if our community experiences another spike in cases and appreciate your understanding. Please feel free to contact us anytime about the status of our in-person Group Classes. We’re doing Private Training sessions in person, too, with additional safety precautions.

Anyone wishing to enroll in an in-person Group Class at J9’s K9s must agree to and abide by the above conditions – no exceptions, no credits or refunds. Again, please feel free to call us at 818-832-9906 if you have any questions or concerns about safety protocols at J9’s K9s.