J9’s K9s now offers our awesome Group Classes in live, interactive Zoom rooms!

Not tech savvy or not familiar with Zoom? No worries! We’ll be happy to help you in a FREE short, online practice session to help you get ready before your class start date.

We’re keeping our Virtual Group Classes small so you still get the same personal attention as in our in-person classes. The curriculums will be the same as in the fun and incredibly successful courses we’ve been running at physical locations for 25+ years. Your J9’s K9s instructor will demonstrate class exercises with their own dogs, then coach students one-on-one as they teach their dogs the skills on individual live video feeds. You’ll be able to watch your fellow students as this happens and hear the feedback your instructor gives them.

Watch the video below to learn more and see J9’s K9s Virtual Group Classes in action:

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy by attending Virtual Group Classes at J9’s K9s:

  • No commute time, no traffic, and no car ride for dogs who get car sick or anxious in your car.

  • You’ll be able to record and save ALL class sessions so you can access them forever.

  • Teach new skills in a low-distraction environment which is much easier for you and your dog, then add distractions as your dog becomes proficient in the trained behaviors.

  • Great for dogs who are scared or reactive around unfamiliar people and/or other dogs.

  • Also good for humans and dogs who may be in poor health or who have mobility issues.

  • Train from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you have an internet connection – you can even attend in your jammies and slippers!

Here’s how it works:

  • Enroll in the Virtual Group Class of your choice via our online Client Portal.

  • Once you’ve enrolled your dog and paid your tuition you’ll receive a confirmation email, and you’ll receive another email a few days before your Virtual Group Class starts with further instructions and a link for you to use to join your live, online class sessions on Zoom. You don’t need to have a Zoom account to attend these classes and you can join the sessions from any phone, tablet or laptop/desktop with a webcam that’s connected to the internet. You can download the app or simply join from your web browser.

  • Before your class session starts, set up your phone, tablet or your laptop/desktop computer. Choose a well-lit, quiet location where you have a good internet connection, and avoid backlighting (such as standing in front of a bright window). Make sure to set up your device so that your trainer will be able to see both you and your dog. If you’re using a phone or a tablet you’ll want to prop it up or use a tripod so you can be hands-free.

  • For those of you who live in multiple dog households, you’ll need to separate dogs who aren’t enrolled in your class away from the dog you’re working with. You can enroll more than one dog in a class if each dog will have his own personal handler over the age of 18. Please feel free to call us at 818-832-9906 if you have questions or need help with this.

  • If you’ve joined your live, online class session before your J9’s K9s instructor, you’ll be in a waiting room. Hang tight – they’ll join you soon!

  • That’s it! Once your instructor has joined your class session, they’ll spend the first several minutes helping you and your fellow students get situated to make sure everyone is comfortable. No stress, no fuss, just fun and effective learning for you and your best friend!

“I wanted to personally thank you for all the great training classes. Roma and I had a blast. I have to be honest that I was a bit leery of virtual classes but ended up being super pleased. It felt personal and we felt engaged in all the sessions. Once again, thank you for all the classes and all the answered questions along the way!”

Jorge and Romà

Again, if you’re not familiar with Zoom Rooms we’ll help you get set up for your class sessions in a FREE short, online practice session before your class start date.  Please call us at 818-832-9906 if you have any questions about J9’s K9s Virtual Group Classes or would like to schedule your free practice session – looking forward to seeing you and your dogs on our screens soon!