Create A Canine Companion You’re Proud Of With J9’s K9s Dog Training.

Janine J9sK9's

Janine and two of her dogs, River and Dutch

J9’s K9s Dog Training, Inc. is a dog training school in Southern California offering Group Classes, Private Lessons and In-Home Day Training. We can help you with basic through advanced obedience, behavior modification and much more…

Owner, Janine Pierce, CPDT-KA and her crew at J9’s K9s are passionate in their belief that dog training should be fun!

In recent years dog training has changed dramatically. We use positive reinforcement as our primary tool to reform behavior, and the result is a dog who responds to cues with enthusiasm and joy instead of a slinking, flattened dog who obeys out of fear of correction.

The way your dog acts is a combination of innate (genetic) and learned behaviors. Whether or not you realize it, every moment you are with your dog you are training your dog by the way you respond to him. Training continues even when you’re not present; your canine friend’s behavior is created and changed by whatever he finds to be most rewarding. It’s up to you as his human partner to set up an environment and respond to him in ways that create desirable behaviors.

The wonderful secret to the process is… DOG TRAINING IS FUN!

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