All J9’s K9s Trainers continue their education by regularly attending dog training and behavior seminars, and belong to various well-respected dog trainer organizations. You and your dog deserve a trainer you can trust!

We’re also lucky to have instructor’s assistants present in our classes, ensuring a great student to staff ratio. Several of these amazing dog enthusiasts have been with J9’s K9s for many years and we are extremely grateful for them!

Scroll down for information about current J9’s K9s Trainers:

Janine and her Irish Wolfhound “Cavaal”

Janine PierceCPDT-KA is the owner and founder of J9’s K9s Dog Training. Her family bred and worked hunting dogs, and Janine originally fell in love with dog training when she got a dog of her very own and took him to obedience classes at just 14 years old. She’s an accomplished competitor in performance dog sports and has been training professionally for over 20 years. Her innovative programs have helped countless dogs suffering with behavior issues, including severe phobias and aggression. Janine is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Pet Professional Guild, and an AKC Approved Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Evaluator. She’s served on the boards of several training organizations and has studied with many well known trainers over the years, both here and in the U.K. Her appearances include: speaking at conferences for national veterinary and rescue associations, being featured in and writing articles for national publications, appearances on Animal Planet’s “It’s Me Or The Dog” with Victoria Stillwell, starring in a short Disney film entitled “Train Your Dog”, sharing wisdom about our canine friends on the Fine Living Channel and more. Currently you can see her on CBS’s nationally syndicated television show, “Dog Tales”.

Janine lives with her extremely understanding husband, Dave,  and their Supermutt “Pie”.

Christina and her Chihuahua mix “Brandi”, American Bulldog “Bandit”, Min Pin “Cleo” and Pit Bull mix “Besito”.

Christina VillagranaCPDT-KA has been at J9’s K9s since 2012. Her mother bred and showed Collies when she was a child and her love of dogs has continued to grow ever since! She trained her first dog at the age of 12 as a member of 4-H and competed in Obedience Trials at local fairs. She has degrees in Social and Behavioral Science, S.T.E.M., Humanities and Anthropology. Christina has shown several American Bulldogs and her Scottish Terrier in Conformation and trained in the sports of Schutzhund and K9 Nose Work. A Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild, Christina has also worked as a groomer and veterinary assistant. She was a long-time volunteer at the local Best Friends Animal Society shelter and has fostered many litters of puppies for the Agoura Shelter.

Mother of four and grandmother of four, Christina lives with her husband Sal, their Pit Bull mix “Besito”, Min Pin “Cleo”, Chihuaha mix “Noir”, Scottish Terrier “Angus”, three cats and two Potbelly/Juliana Pig mixes “Stuart” and “Scarlett”.

Courtney and her Pit Bull/Basset Hound mix “Broccoli”

Courtney CaseCPDT-KA has been working with dogs since 2005. A Los Angeles native, she started her career in as an employee for a small rescue organization and a grooming salon. She spent 7 years in New York City, where she worked as a dog walker and pet sitter, took multiple dog training courses and completed a trainer apprenticeship. She decided to make training her full-time job in 2012 after completing her apprenticeship and couldn’t be happier about it! Courtney is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, as well as an AKC Approved Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Evaluator.

Courtney’s Pit Bull/Basset Hound mix “Broccoli” has been her inspiration to continue learning about dog behavior and has shown her that old dogs really can learn new tricks!

Dianna and her Poodle “Edie”

Dianna BuckCPDT-KA has been working with dogs since 1998 and has been training with J9’s K9s since 2005. She’s a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, an AKC Approved Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Evaluator, and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Pet Professional Guild. Dianna has trained dogs for television and movies, has worked for the Pasadena Humane Society’s Behavior Department and X-Plorer Dog Solutions in Northern Italy, and is a certified SAFER Evaluator.

In addition to training dogs, Dianna and her husband, Scott, are always busy with their two adorable boys, Henry and Gus, their Poodles, “Edie” and “Quick”, and their talkative African Grey Parrot, “Hero”.

Hudson and his Boxer “Trooper”

Hudson ShockCPDT-KA has been with J9’s K9’s since 2010. He’s a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, an AKC Approved Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Evaluator and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild, and has trained dogs and other animals for television, movies and commercials in addition to companion dogs and those in shelters.

Hudson and his wife Molly’s Boxer mixes, “Trooper” and “BeBop”, had many on-screen parts in both television and film including “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and “Chihuahua: The Movie.” Their newest additions, Shepherd mix “Derby” and Boxer “Krypto”, have yet to earn their first paychecks, but “Krypto’s” future in Agility is looking very auspicious.

Chris and one of her Bull Terriers, “Badger”, working an Exterior search

Chris Mason, CNWI is has been training animals for over 30 years and ran a successful show barn on the east coast for many years, training horses and teaching their riders how to better communicate with their animal partners. In 2000, Chris retired from equestrian sports and moved back to her home state of California. She’s worked with exotic animals at the L.A. Zoo (including elephants, tapirs and rhinoceroses!) and has been training and competing in performance dog sports like agility, flyball, conformation and obedience since 1989, but her true passions are K9 Nose Work ® and Bull Terriers. Her dog “GoGo” was the first Bull Terrier in the world to achieve the Elite Level in K9 Nose Work ® trials! Chris is currently serving on the Education Committee for the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work), as well as the Performance Committee for the Bull Terrier Club of America.

Chris lives with her husband, Shaun, and her three fabulous Bull Terriers, “GoGo”, “Badger”, and “Pixie”. The only thing she loves more than working with animals is teaching people to understand and work with their animals!

Debbie and her Akita “Kiki”

Debbie Zimmermann, CAMT started training at an early age with her family pets and became hooked on dogs in her 20’s when she got her first Akita. She immersed herself in various training and behavioral classes to help her learn about her newfound passion, and hasn’t stopped since. She’s a graduate of the Ojai School of Canine Massage and a certified animal masseuse through Equinology, plus a provisional Treibball judge for PUSH Treibball.

Debbie has competed with her Akitas in conformation and agility, and now concentrates her training in the sports of K9 Nose Work (where she has attained the top title of NW3) and Treibball. Like all of our wonderful instructors, Debbie sincerely enjoys helping improve human/canine relationships and watching the bond grow between the species as they accomplish their goals together.

Debbie’s family includes her Akitas “Kiki” and “Aki”, “Antoinette” her Main Coon Cat and “Snowflake” her Umbrella Cockatoo..

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