Our lives may have changed, but that doesn’t mean we should stop enjoying hanging out and having fun with our dogs. Now is the perfect time to get motivated to do that training you were putting off!  To help you with all of your dog training needs, we’re now offering…

Home Schooling For Your Dogs!

Both Group Classes and Private Lessons are now available for you live online via Zoom! This technology is interactive and super-easy to use: all you need is a phone, tablet or laptop/desktop computer with a webcam. Not tech savvy or not familiar with Zoom? No worries! If you’ve enrolled in one of our Virtual Group Classes or have booked a Virtual Private Lesson with a J9’s K9s trainer, we’ll be happy to help you in a FREE short, online practice session to get you familiar with the process before working with you and your dog. And of course as with all of our training options, virtual training includes unlimited free support from J9’s K9s for the life of your dog!

In the dog training industry, online learning is considered an extremely effective way to teach people how to train their dogs. Most of the skills we trainers use are mechanical in nature, meaning we are interacting verbally and physically with dogs. We’re always working to improve our (and our clients’) timing of cues and rewards so our canine friends will be able to understand us. Virtual learning through videos, computer programs and other technology has long been successfully used to teach people mechanical skills – think exercise classes, language programs, videos that teach people to play a musical instrument…

Our Virtual Group Classes will be smaller than our in-person classes and more intimate, so you’ll still get the same personal attention as you would in our regular classes. The curriculums will be the same as in the fun and incredibly successful classes we’ve been running at physical locations for 25 years. Your J9’s K9s instructor will demonstrate class exercises with their own dogs, then coach students one-on-one as they teach their dogs the skills on individual live video feeds. You’ll be able to watch your fellow students as this happens and hear the feedback your instructor gives them. Click here to learn more about our live, interactive, online Virtual Group Classes. Plus, right now you can grab $20 off your dog’s tuition for any of our Virtual Group Classes by using the coupon code SAFEATHOME during checkout!

Our Virtual Private Lessons will be conducted in the same way, but you and your dog will join your J9’s K9s trainer in a private Zoom Room for the unparalleled coaching you’re accustomed to from J9’s K9s. And new students can score 10% off of their first Virtual Private Lesson by using the coupon code LOVEMYDOG during checkout! All behavioral issues can be addressed the same way we do in face-to-face sessions. Click here to learn more about our live, interactive, online Virtual Private Lessons.

There are other benefits to interactive virtual learning, too:

  • No commute time, no traffic, and no car ride for dogs who get car sick or anxious in your car.

  • You’ll be able to record and save ALL Group Class sessions and Private Lessons so you can access them forever. When you attend a Virtual Private Lesson with a J9’s K9s trainer, they’ll even record it for you and send you a link to the recording afterwards!

  • Teach new skills in a low-distraction environment which is much easier for you and your dog, then add distractions as your dog becomes proficient in the trained behaviors.

  • Great for dogs who are scared or reactive around unfamiliar people and/or other dogs.

  • Also good for humans and dogs who may be in poor health or who have mobility issues.

  • Train from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you have an internet connection – you can even attend in your jammies and slippers!

Please call us at 818-832-9906 if you have any questions about J9’s K9s Virtual Group Classes or Virtual Private Lessons, or if you’d like to schedule a free practice session beforehand. Looking forward to seeing you and your dogs on our screens soon!