• Students with puppies and dogs whom we haven’t met yet should complete and submit an online form to apply for an Initial Consultation before making any purchases. If we’ve already met your dog and you’re interested in a Private Training Service, please call us at 818-832-9906. You can also click here to schedule a call from us at a time that’s convenient for you.

J9’s K9s offers two kinds of Private Training: Private Lessons and Day Training, described below. Click here to see prices for these services. Payment plans are available, and all Private Training options include free support from your J9’s K9s trainer for the life of your dog! We offer Virtual Private Lessons via Zoom, too.

Private Lessons are coaching sessions conducted with you and your dog(s).

Offered to puppies and dogs of all ages, in these sessions we’ll work together, teaching you how to train any behaviors you like and addressing issues like anxiety, reactivity and aggression. Private lessons are available (by appointment only) in the comfort of your own home, at our Indoor Training Facility in Canoga Park, at other locations specific to the behavior(s) being trained, or virtually. (Initial Consultations for very fearful, reactive or aggressive dogs are held solely online or in our Training Facility.) An Initial Consultation Lesson is required for puppies and dogs whom we have not already worked with in prior Private Lessons or our Group Classes.

Ready to begin transforming your dog’s behavior?

Day Training consists of a trainer coming to your home to work with your dog four times a week (one hour each session) with or without you present.

This service is available in two packages, and a 45 minute in-person consultation in your home with you and your dog is mandatory prior to enrollment. No actual training will be done during the consultation; we do this to ensure that the trainer will be able to meet your goals for your dog before you purchase a Day Training Package. Day Training is not offered for puppies under 6 months old. Additional dogs in the household may be added to your Day Training Package for an extra fee. Please note that if your trainer will be working with multiple dogs it may take more time to achieve results.

Our Day Training packages are as follows:

  • Two weeks of Day Training (the minimum for this training option) consists of eight one hour training sessions (four times a week) and one “Transfer Session” (1 hour to 1.5 hours) where you and your family will learn how to cue and manage your dog using the behaviors he’s been taught.

  • Four weeks of Day Training consists of sixteen one hour training sessions (four times a week) and two “Transfer Sessions” (1 hour to 1.5 hours each) where you and your family will learn how to cue and manage your dog using the behaviors he’s been taught.

Ready to put us to work doing the training for you?

We accept personal checks and cash as well as all major credit cards and PayPal payments. Payment plans are available! Additional travel charges may be added to in-home Private Training costs depending on the distance traveled by the trainer. If any travel fees will be charged, we’ll let you know after we receive your Application for Private Training Services.

If you are visiting this page to pay for Private Training that you have scheduled with one of our trainers and have been quoted an additional travel charge, you can either pay the additional amount via cash or check when your J9’s K9s trainer arrives at your home or via credit card or PayPal by clicking here to use our “Make Other Payment” option.