Come enjoy climate controlled comfort at the J9’s K9s Training Facility! Located at 21720 Sherman Way in Canoga Park and boasting 2000 square feet, we’ve got 35 feet of mirror and Agiliflex flooring to provide the ultimate in comfort and traction for you and your pooch. Click here for more info and a map.

J9's K9s Building remodel
  • Tired of training outside?

  • Preparing for that noisy, indoor show?

  • Need to do some fine tuning in front of a big mirror?

Available for rent to individuals and their canine partners for just $25 an hour. Obedience jumps, baby gates, crates and some agility equipment, too – just waiting for you and your dog to come and play with!

Also available for pre-approved events and small groups at an additional cost.

Please call us at 818-832-9906 if you’d like more information about renting our facility.