• Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed a Beginner Class at J9’s K9s or be pre-approved by Janine or Debbie, and be able to rest comfortably (and reasonably quietly) in a crate while other teams are taking their turns working in the classroom. Please call us at 818 832-9906 if you are unsure about your dog’s eligibility.

Treibball is a competitive dog sport in which handlers use a combination of classic obedience and herding cues to direct their dogs to “herd” large and small balls. Treibball originated in Germany and was designed to promote teamwork and communication between dogs and their handlers, while providing mental and physical stimulation to canines living in urban areas..

These Workshops will include opportunities to learn and practice fundamental through advanced skills, depending on the experience level of attendees. Handlers can bring up to two dogs if each dog will be comfortable resting in a crate while the handler is working their other dog. Advanced obedience skills and prior experience in Treibball are not needed.

  • Note: This workshop is not appropriate for dogs who extremely fearful or aggressive to people. Call us at 818-832-9906 if you are unsure about your dog’s eligibility.

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