You can start training right away in a Group Class or with our Private Training Services.

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Interested in Group Classes?

Depending on the age of your dog and your training goals, you can start in either our Puppy Head Start Class (for puppies who will be under 20 weeks old on the first day of class), or our Beginner Obedience Class (for any dog over 16 weeks old). These courses cover basic through advanced obedience skills and more. They’re held in-person at our Indoor Training Facility in Canoga Park, and you can also attend virtually on Zoom through our live, interactive classroom portal. Many upper-level group classes and fun activities are available for our continuing students, too! Click here for more information.

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Interested in Private Training Services?

Private Lessons are offered in the comfort of your home, at our Indoor Training Facility in Canoga Park, at other locations specific to the behavior(s) being trained, or virtually anywhere on Zoom! You can work on anything you’d like to in these coaching sessions, and they’re often your best choice for dogs who are struggling with behavioral issues. We also offer Day Training in your home for appropriate dogs, where we do the training for you.

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We’ll review your application and reply to you within three business days. If your case is accepted, we’ll call you personally to learn more about your dog and situation and schedule your Initial Consultation.


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