Stephanie, I wanted to share a success story for you and your great teaching!!!
Over the weekend we were walking Nemo and one of our neighbor’s dogs got out and was running in the street. My neighbors were both out in the street trying to retrieve their dog. Their dog saw Nemo coming and of course came towards us, so the owner said to my younger son, “Can you grab him by the collar for us?”. Meanwhile, I had Nemo completely focused on me and my delicious treat and NOT their dog. We grabbed a hold of the dog so my neighbors could get him back inside of their gate and one of them said, “You have such a beautiful dog! And so well trained!” My children were so happy and we spoke about how Nemo has his emergency word so if that ever happened to us, we would say, “Nemo HERE!”

Thank you for all of your hardwork as our teacher. You are a great teacher!

See you Saturday,
D. D.