Last night we graduated from the Tricks and Games class; after class was over I was saying goodbye in the parking lot to the lady who owns Dare, the Border Collie and she paid Brandie a very nice compliment that I would like to pass on. She told me she thought Brandie was so well trained, enjoyed watching her and could tell I have put a lot into training her.
You know how much I love the Bully breed and I strive to show the positive side. Thank you for your teaching because I would never be where I am today without you – that was one of the greatest compliments I have received to date.
Over the years, I believe a lot of us “long time” students can forget just how far we have come – I know I do. And the compliment I received reminded me of what a great and wonderful part that you and everyone at J9’s K9s, including the regular and alumni students, play in my girls’ life. Also, the same lady told me that she has never done anything like this with her Border Collie and had so much fun in this class, thanks to you!

Stephanie, again, thanks for a really fun class.
R. B.