My dog Sophia and I are J9sK9s' clients; we just graduated from the Tuesday night beginners' class and we'll be signing up for the intermediate. I must write to tell you about your wonderful trainers; particularly Becky Chadwick (who worked with me at my Tuesday classes) and Stephanie (my holiness), who works with me during my much-anticipated one-on-one sessions. Not only have I learned so much from Becky and Stephanie, they have each far surpassed what I would believe their duties to be. They are true trainers, they don't simply teach commands: they listen, they encourage, they praise the owner (all of which have definitely kept me not only sane, but still a dog owner!), and they full-heartedly strategize and problem solve; finally, and this bears repeating, they listen. Stephanie has spent hours, and hours, and hours with Sophia and me. I am so thankful to her for her guidance; I simply COULD NOT have done it without her – unequivocally. Thanks to Stephanie and Becky's guidance, I see obvious, continual progress on a daily basis. I just had to take time out of my crazy schedule to tell you that I am utterly and thankfully impressed with them.

J. N. A.