I had to write you an email to thank you SO much for having the Bark After Dark class on Friday night. Billie had the most fantastic time ever! Aside from it being such a blast, I had to email and say how proud I am of my Billie. Billie has come farther than I ever could’ve imagined and it’s all thanks to J9’s. She started out as a rambunctious pup from the pound who didn’t know any commands and had definitely had no training with her previous family. I noticed her progress through each class she took, but Friday night solidified everything for me and Ryan. She stayed with me on ALL the off-leash work (even with all those other lovely dogs tempting her to stray), did the recall with such perfection it amazed us and best of all, played with the other dogs until I wanted her to come back to me. If she got too silly I could get her to instantly turn to find me.
We had a holiday party on Saturday night and our friends were AMAZED at how far Billie has come! No jumping on anyone at all! She even feels so secure now in our family that in the middle of the party she curled up in our beanbag chair and went to sleep with our cat.
Thank you for all that you guys do. I can’t say enough how wonderful your classes are and how amazing all the trainers (Becky, Fran, Paul, Jen – to name a few) have been!

Happy Holidays!
K. & R. H.