Welcome to our new website and client portal system! This is the third time that J9sK9s.com has been updated since we launched our first website in 1998, and we put a lot of thought into streamlining our clients’ online experience. We hope you’ll find it easier to enroll in our training services and generally more user friendly than ever before…

If you’re a returning student visiting our new website for the first time, we have good news for you: if you enrolled in a class at J9’s K9s or worked with one of our trainers before January of 2020, it’s likely that your account has already been set up for you in our client portal. Your username will be the primary email address we have listed for you, AND your temporary password will also be the primary email address we have listed for you.

Click here to login using your email address as both your user name and your password, and then you can reset your password to whatever you’d like it to be.

Once you’ve accessed your new account, please check to make sure all of your dogs are listed, and that their information (as well as yours) is complete and correct. Although we weren’t able to import your dogs’ training history, rest assured that we are keeping this information on file in our office and will be happy to send it to you upon request. If your account shows a dog that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and you’d like to continue to see him or her when you login, don’t update his/her profile.

Please feel free to call us at (818) 832-9906 if you have questions.

Thanks for choosing J9’s K9s!