All puppies and dogs start their J9’s K9s training journey in one of our Puppy Classes or our Beginner Obedience Classes, or in either of our two Private Training options: Private Lessons which are offered in live, interactive, private online Zoom Rooms, at our Indoor Training Facility, in the comfort of your home or at other locations pertinent to the behavior(s) being trained, and Day Training, offered in-home only for appropriate dogs, where we do the training for you. Many Upper Level Group Classes and fun activities are available for our continuing students, too!

If you would like to bring more than one dog to a Group Class, each dog must have his own adult (18+) handler. All human members of your dog’s family are encouraged to participate in training, including children! Note: Due to current social distancing/maximum occupancy regulations for indoor spaces, we are currently only allowing two humans to attend class with each dog in our in-person classes. Other family members can watch their class sessions in real time via our classroom Zoom portals.

If the Los Angeles 7 day average for COVID-19 positive test results rises to above 10%, in-person class sessions will switch to our live, interactive Zoom portals until it drops to 10% again. This may fluctuate back and forth as you attend your class. If this happens, no refunds or credits will be offered for class sessions held virtually. You can see the daily report and statistics from the county by clicking here. While we have many safety protocols in place, we feel it would be irresponsible to have multiple people from different households inside our classrooms when our community is experiencing a spike in cases and appreciate your understanding. Please click here to learn more about what a dog training class session on Zoom is like, and feel free to contact us anytime about the status of our in-person Group Classes. We’re doing Private Training sessions in person (with additional safety precautions in place), too!

And since they’ve been so popular, we’ll continue to offer full virtual options for our Group Classes, even when we return to the “new normal”…

  • Click here to see a calendar of all our classes.

  • If you have questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and feel free to call us at 818-832-9906, anytime. (Please note that this number is a landline and does not receive texts.)

  • You can also create your very own Private Group Class at J9’s K9s! Just find 5 – 6 dog-owning friends to join you in a daytime class, and we’ll set up a custom class just for you! You can choose from one of our existing courses, or pick a skill (or set of skills) you’d like to teach to your dogs. Availability is subject to existing class schedules and private group classes are typically not available on weekends. Please call us at 818-832-9906 for more information.

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Puppy Classes

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Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Obedience

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K9 Nose Work

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Intro to Agility

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Specialty Classes

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Field Trips

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Private Training

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Private Classes

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  • Click here for pricing and descriptions of Private Training options, and other services offered by J9’s K9s.

Using positive reinforcement and motivational methods, agility equipment and fun games, students improve their relationships with their canine companions and strengthen their dogs’ ability to focus around distractions. Our Puppy Head Start Class is designed for puppies under 5 months old and is perfect for starting a youngster off on the “right paw.” Our Beginner Obedience Class covers basic obedience commands and is especially effective for the hyper or fearful adolescent dog. In our Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience and Intro to Agility Classes students enjoy more of our innovative training games and further their skills, adding distance and distractions, tricks, agility, off lead work and more to their repertoire. We also offer K9 Nose Work Classes, Workshops, Field Trips and Specialty Classes, all of which are terrific for humans who are looking for training specific behaviors, great socialization and/or just more fun stuff to do with their dogs!

  • All classes are limited to ten dogs (except certain Specialty Classes and Field Trips, which may have less or more spots available for enrollment).

  • As with all J9’s K9s services, enrollment in any class includes free, unlimited future support from your instructor!

  • You’ll laugh so much your sides will ache!

Humans are welcome to visit classes anytime. Currently offered only via live Zoom portals – call us if for more information.