J9’s K9s Crew

All J9’s K9s Trainers continue their education by regularly attending dog training and behavior seminars, and belong to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (a nationwide organization that you can contact for referrals if you’re not lucky enough to live nearby and attend our classes.) You and your dog deserve a trainer you can trust!

We’re also lucky to have between 25 to 30 active class assistants at any given time, ensuring a terrific student to staff ratio in all of our classes. Several of these amazing dog enthusiasts have been with J9’s K9s for many years and we are extremely grateful for them!

Scroll down for information about current J9’s K9s Trainers:

Josie Le Balch

Josie and her Golden Retriever, "Luc"   Josie Le Balch, […]

Dianna Buck

Dianna and her Poodle "Edie"   Dianna Buck, CPDT-KA Dianna has […]

Christina Villagrana

Christina and her Chihuahua mix "Brandi", American Bulldog "Bandit", Min […]

Courtney Case

Courtney and her Pit Bull/Basset Hound mix, "Broccoli"   Courtney […]

Janine Pierce

Janine and her Irish Wolfhound "Cavaal"   Janine Pierce, CPDT-KA is […]

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