puppy head start
  • Prerequisite: None! Puppies must complete the course before they turn 6 months old.

This four-week class in an ongoing, revolving enrollment course so your puppy can jump in any time! If you start on week 1 you’ll graduate on week 4, if you start on week 2 you’ll graduate on week 1, and so on. All class sessions will be held in live, online, interactive Zoom rooms. There are a number of benefits to attending our Virtual Group Classes – click here to learn more! If you have to miss a class, you can attend another instance of that week’s session for up to a month after your graduation date or until your puppy turns 6 months old (whichever is sooner), free of charge. Check out our Calendar of Classes to see what week we’re currently on, and any dates that will be skipped.

  • This course is a shorter, lighter version of our Puppy Head Start Class. You’ll still get lots of foundational building blocks to set your puppy up for success as an adult, and as with all J9’s K9s services, Puppy Preschool includes unlimited future support from your trainer!