Click below to see J9’s K9s Swimming Pool Safety on NBC plus “behind the scenes” footage!

  • Many dogs enjoy swimming, and it’s a great way for your canine friend to cool off and stay in shape. Even the best swimmers, however, need to be taught safety and control around swimming pools.

  • J9’s K9s offers Swimming Pool Safety Lessons in your home as one of our Private Training services. Your dog will learn to swim correctly and that the stairs of your pool are the “safe” spots to exit and enter.

  • Whether or not your dog decides to like the water, being able to find the steps under any circumstance is an imperative safety issue. Even dogs who are accomplished swimmers have drowned in pools, succumbing to exhaustion after being unable to find the way out…

  • Teach your dog safe entry, exit and poolside control, and keep him happily swimming for many years to come!

  • Note: We MUST speak with you before scheduling a Swimming Pool Safety Lesson in your home. Please call us at 818-832-9906 if you are interested in this training service.