New in-person class starts April 10th!

Looking for a way to build confidence, focus and engagement with your dog? Try teaching her tricks! Entertain your pooch, your family and friends (and yourselves) with the tricks you’ll learn together in this super-fun course…

Many of you may have seen Janine’s dog, Pie, on Instagram @j9sk9sla doing some pretty amazing tricks. Among other things, she can play basketball, do a handstand, carry a basket, balance a treat on her nose, hold things in her arms, stack rings and bowls, fetch pretty much everything under the sun, roll herself up in a blanket, put her toys (and Janine’s laundry) away, and much more. Now Janine can teach you how to train your dog to do stunts like these, too!

You’ll end up with a deeper bond and a better behaved dog in the process. Plus, your dog can virtually earn an AKC Trick Dog Title – FREE with your course!