In February 2005, our Golden Retriever Gracie, just a little puppy of 10 weeks old, started her education with the J9s K9s Puppy Head Start Program. We have been enjoying classes together ever since! We just wanted to brag a bit, if we may. Recently we took a trip to the Sierras to let Gracie experience snow for the first time.  We took her off leash just to let her play. Now for the bragging part: she heard a dog barking across an ice cold creek with snow banks on either side, and started running right toward it. "Home, Gracie, home!" (her emergency recall word), we yelled. She stopped, turned, and ran back to us! Much better than the freezing consequences. She has also become quite the little "ham". Loves applause (and treats) for any and all the tricks she has learned in class. The "handkerchief thief" always gets lots of smiles.
Thanks to Stephanie and everyone at J9s K9s for showing us so many ways to have fun and learn. You'll be seeing us for years to come!

C.G. & P.G.