My dog Jag has been going to Mammoth and playing out on the golf course since he was a puppy, and was pretty successful off leash with his listening skills, staying close and recall. I was babysitting Jag’s cousins Otis and Reggie, who also went to J9's K9s, and one Sunday morning at 11:30 am we were all out on the golf course playing with the dogs when we noticed a huge animal moving. It occurred to me that I was about 20 yards from an adolescent black bear that appeared to be at least 5 feet tall and maybe 150-200 lbs, with three curious Labrador Retrievers off leash who were maybe 10 yards away from the bear. The dogs looked at the bear and started walking towards the bear while the bear stared at us. I remained very calm and did not attempt to run after the boys. I knew it could provoke the dogs to run and/or provoke the Bear and/or his Momma or other cubs. I remembered the recall words. Since I was babysitting I had to use 2 different recall words. I remembered what Becky had said to do to get a dog’s attention in beginner class. Jag took his attention from the curious cub and darted at me, along with Otis and Reggie. They all got plenty of treats, and went home for peanut butter bones.
I have never been so scared in my entire life and I thank God for J9’s K9s, because I know that without the knowledge that Janine, Becky and Ataki have given me, I would have had the instinct to run after the dogs and that reaction could have escalated the situation, and possibly provoked the Momma Bear & cubs to attack.

Thank you J9’s K9’s!!!!
C. P.