Sundays at 2:30pm starting on February 9th

  • Prerequisite: None! Open to all puppies under 20 weeks old.

These six-week classes are held in our safe, clean, indoor facility in Canoga Park, and are designed for puppies who will be between 8 to 20 weeks of age on the first day of class. We’ll cover basic obedience skills plus common issues such as housetraining, mouthing, jumping, socialization, benevolent leadership and much, much more, and all the pups get some cool S.W.A.G. too! Your puppy can win prizes, will be exposed to lots of new things, will play with other puppies appropriate to his size and age and have a great time in the process. Learn how fun dog training can be and let us help you get your pup started off on the right paw!

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