Most of our clients first hear of us from people they meet who love to talk about their happy J9's K9s experiences. Here are just a few of the many emails we receive in praise of our wonderful staff and the effectiveness of our positive, reward based training techniques. If you'd like to put a testimonial or brag about your canine friend on this page, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll be happy to post it.





"Found a 'gem' with regards to the people that make up J9's K9s..."

Since my first beginner's class with Tuk, I knew I had found a 'gem' with regards to the people that make up J9s K9s. Not only are you ALL awesome Teachers, your core is the relationship between our dogs and us. THAT is the missing piece with many other places. That was so apparent, by all the wonderful people we met last night...The care you put into making this a fun and memorable experience was reflected 100 fold. This was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Here's to more educational and fun-filled field trips!!!! After all, dogs just wanna have fun!!!!

R. S.


"Pet Orphans of Southern California profusely thanks J9’s K9s..."

In concurrence with J9’s K9s, Pet Orphans has been working diligently to ensure that behavioral problems are minimized, if not eliminated, in order to "keep rover in the home". Because of the fabulous job J9’s K9s has done on behalf of our doggie orphans, the behavior-related euthanasia rate has decreased by more than 50 %. The canines and humans of Pet Orphans of Southern California profusely thank J9’s K9s for their tireless efforts. We hope that this positive development will endure and that our dogs will continue to prosper.

Tracy Rukenbrod
Manager, Adoptions & Behavior Enrichment Programs
Pet Orphans of Southern California


"We LOVE your class & SWEAR BY your training tools!"

We have an AMAZING story for you!! Okay, we LOVE your class & SWEAR BY your training tools! They WORK!!
Here's what happened: Chris was loading up the truck with camping gear so he propped the front door open. The dogs ran out (without "earning it!" BAD dogs!! hee hee), which is not a huge deal, since our front yard is fenced.  Well, turns out there was a HOLE in the fence!!!!  Jack ran into the neighbor's yard, and out of Chris' view. Chris tried calling him ("Jack, come!"), and he didn't come.  Then Chris thought, "I'll try the emergency recall word, although it's probably too soon, and he won't follow it.” Our word is "venga" (Spanish for "come" - don't ask). He yelled (in a happy voice) "JACK, VENGA!" and low-and-behold...Jack came out of nowhere, RUNNING full speed toward Chris!!! It worked!!! The "command that may save your dog's life someday" as you put it, actually may have SAVED OUR DOG'S LIFE!! Wahoooo! Chris rewarded him with tons of praise & love & even a treat. I just HAD to share that story with you!  If only EVERY dog owner went to training...

S. R.


"I can't believe how much we learned!"

For starters, what a wonderful class, I can't believe how much we learned!  Second, thank you for your availability by phone to answer any and all questions.  You were very patient.

 D. & L. S.


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