Flash Mob Dog Training


alt Prerequisite: Dog's must have graduated a J9's K9s Intermediate class or higher.

alt Participating dogs should be food motivated, even when in public.  Sorry, dogs who are reactive to people or other dogs are not eligible for enrollment in this workshop.

A very special, six-week workshop - the first of its kind in Los Angeles! A Flash Mob is an organized performance that suddenly springs to life in a public place, catching bystanders by surprise. This innovative class is part Street Smarts, part Focused Heeling, part Tricks and ALL FUN! You'll train for six weeks and stage a group performance on the seventh week in a secret location. Perfectly trained dogs aren't required and dancing is optional - use of treats and toys is encouraged. Enjoy time with your dog and help show the public what's possible with fun, positive reinforcement training!

Click here to see a group of Seattle dog trainers train their dogs, Flash Mob style!

alt Coming again soon!